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Kymenlaakso Region

Kymenlaakso region consists of Kouvola- and Kotka-Hamina subregions and it is located in South-East Finland by the Gulf of Finland.

The Regional Council of Kymenlaakso is a joint municipal authority responsible for regional development, regional land use planning and regional interest promotion. We are a strategic planner on regional level and our main goal is to foster regional development in many levels.

To achieve the best value for the Region we work closely together with other stakeholders such as municipalities, the government, the business sector, universities, education providers, development companies, as well as with civic organisations.

International co-operation of Kymenlaakso region focuses mainly on the Baltic Sea Region.

Kuvat: ylävasen Kotkan kaupunki (Carl Irjala), kesk. Kouvolan kaupunki, yläoikea Kotkan kaupunki (Carl Irjala). Valikon kuvat: Kymenlaakson liitto, Juha Rimpeläinen(risteysilmakuva), Justiina Halonen (raakamäntyöljy)