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Päivitetty 30.09.2020

Tasks and development priorities

According to the Finnish Regional Development Act the Regional Council is responsible for the strategic and general development of the region and for improving the business environment. The Regional Council also co-ordinates the traffic and transport system planning in the region.

According to the Finnish Land Use and Building Act, the Regional Council is responsible for drafting, updating and approving of the Regional Plan.

The regional development authorities both on municipal and state level are based on the same geographical areas. The Regional Councils (municipalities) form 9 co-operation districts and there are 9 Centres for Economic Development,

Transport and the Environment (state). Kymenlaakso and South Karelia regions form a co-operation district in South East Finland with approximately 315 000 inhabitants.


- Regional Development
- Regional Spatial and Environmental Planning
- Interest promotion
- International Affairs
- Kymenlaakso Summer University

Development Priorities

- Innovative services
- Smart use of natural resources and related technologies
- New openings in ICT sector
- Increasing the attractiveness of Kymenlaakso region



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