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Towards data-agile economy for the benefit of citizens

Group of Helsinki EU Office member organisations, including Kymenlaakso Region published their joint contribution to a European approach to digital transformation. The paper calls for shift from reactive to proactive use of data that benefits citizens.

Unlocking the benefits of digital transformation is a key topic for the European Commission. The significance of data in our society, ranging from top-level research to our daily lives, has grown at such speed that data has been titled to be the “oil of the modern age” - data is a fuel for new innovations.

More efficient and innovative data use calls for close cooperation between different ecosystem actors (public, RDI organisations, companies and NGOs). Horizontal use of data and using new technologies can bring many possibilities for offering more targeted public service. This can help for example preventing social and health problems or contribute towards the achievement of environmental goals and improving sustainable economy.

The paper also calls for a European roadmap for enabling transparent, proactive and personalised services. The paper argues that a European approach to data should not overlook the potential of using personal data while it acknowledges the data-privacy questions that might arise.

The benefits of digital transformation can be achieved only by creating trust and empowering citizens. In data-agile economy and society citizens need to be active players and digital solutions need to be developed on people’s terms.

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Päivitetty 27 helmikuu 2024